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Masks in art and culture

The tradition of masks in India and abroad is ingrained in a deep-rooted cultural ethos which makes them both magical and mystical. Masks are an intrinsic part of the culture and have been used for storytelling, performing arts, as a statement piece of traditional art and sometimes even to just ward off the evil eye.… Read More Masks in art and culture


A Love Affair with Corals

Thomas and Marie, a Maldivian French couple are helping marine life by ensuring corals are getting a new lease of life and turtles are being conserved through their organization Reefscapers. Only Earth, a plant-based milk brand launched in May 2021 has been spreading its presence across India through retail, online, and HORECA Channels. Kunal Mutha’s… Read More A Love Affair with Corals

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Aam Ka Murabba

A fruit preserve, this is a recipe that uses mangoes and is packed with several health benefits too. Mangoes have many kinds of carotenoids, vitamins like A and C which aid in boosting the immune system. Mango also has the benefit of controlling cholesterol levels and the pectin, vitamin C, and fibers in Mango Murabba… Read More Aam Ka Murabba

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Falafel – celebrating International Falafel Day

FJune 12th is International Falafel Day and we teach you some interesting variants of this Middle Eastern specialty. A traditional Middle Eastern deep-fried ball or patty-shaped fritter, falafel is popular with most people as it is a powerhouse of proteins. It is typically prepared with Fava beans or coarsely ground chickpeas, a binding agent, scallions, garlic,… Read More Falafel – celebrating International Falafel Day

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Coimbatore Travel

The industrial town of Coimbatore has several unique sights from spiritual to culinary and history to culture that makes it a destination to visit. I have been to Coimbatore several times and my last trip was my first family trip after the pandemic. The GeeDee Car Museum has a collection of cars belongs to G… Read More Coimbatore Travel

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Eating Indore

A city whose street food culture is legendary, Indoris are foodies and take their food very seriously as I discover on a recent trip. Indore is a city that is known for its vibrant food scene. In fact the most ordered dish on UberEats was an Indore special Johny Hot Dog. Hence when I was… Read More Eating Indore