Meraki Spa & Wellness, Bangalore

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A spa outing at Meraki Spa & Wellness is all about relaxing with a luxurious Greek twist courtesy its décor and therapies to match.

Located in Bengaluru’s upmarket commercial quarter St. Mark’s Road, Meraki Spa & Wellness is “heavily inspired by the Greek word ‘Meraki’ which means ‘to do something with soul and love; to put a piece of yourself into your work’. All the staff is aligned to this meaning and we also have a Grecian decor to match its vibe,” says Founder, Debanjan Kundu. And once the doors open into this absolutely delightful space you know just why.

Meraki Spa room
Meraki Spa room

The white arched shaped door opens to a corridor that is lined with rugs in a series of varied geometric patterns in blue, grey yellow and beige on one side and a comfortable seating including a swaying chair and the other end. This opens to a reception area that has small nooks displaying small bottles of the products used here. Cane lights hang from the ceiling and a staircase takes you to the treatment rooms upstairs. Debanjan had recommended I try the signature Meraki Soul Package a two hour indulgence that comes with a choice of massage for 90 minutes and a 30 minute choice of body scrub followed by steam and shower. The spa manager asked me about my choice of pressure and when I said ‘medium’ recommended the Swedish massage that helps increase blood circulation and uses medium pressure to release muscle tension and stress. I combined this with a Cucumber & Mint Body Scrub considering the rather warm weather outside. The cucumber lightens and rejuvenates the skin while being a natural way to help soothe the skin of any sun burn which felt perfect.

My therapist Aring from Manipur was ready and lead me to the room where I was first asked to sit and given a feet wash using warm water. Once she patted my feet dry, she asked me to change and lie face down. She starts the massage by first patting me all over with the towel and stretches my whole body to prepare for the massage. Using warm olive oil she starts with my back where after liberally applying the oil she uses pressure from her palms to cover my entire back. Her strokes are very firm and she effectively used her fingers especially her thumbs as she runs them along my spine. The pressure is quite strong yet feels deeply relaxing. She massages the entire back using a variation of strokes some done in sync and some on one side at a time. After this she starts with my legs again using oil and massaging my feet in circular motions and then my legs and thighs. After this I am asked to turn over and she massages the front of my legs again using pressure from her palms. Then my stomach and chest are massaged. After this she washes her hand and gives me an invigorating dry head massage that releases all the tension from my head. Once the massage is completed, she starts using the scrub that has a white creamy texture. Using warm water, she applies it thoroughly first on my stomach and then scrubs my legs and hands. Asking me to turn over she scrubs the mixture on my back, legs and hands. Once done she wipes off the same from my back using a warm towel that feels wonderful. I am then asked to shower and sipping my green tea I know it is an afternoon well spent.

Meraki Spa
Meraki Spa

Fact File

  • Name of The Spa: Meraki Spa & Wellness
  • Established: 2015 (St. Marks branch), 2017 (Indiranagar branch)
  • Founders: Debanjan Kundu
  • Architect: Studio Goya, creative director Akshita Mehra.
  • Area/Size: 3000 sq ft (St. Marks), 6500 sq ft (Indiranagar)
  • Treatment rooms: 5 rooms (St. Marks), 8 rooms (Indiranagar)
  • Number of estheticians: 6 in St. Marks and 9 in Indiranagar
  • Signature Treatment: Meraki Signature Touch (massage), chocolate body scrub.
  • Timings: 11:30 am to 9:30 pm all days.
  • Contact: 7619613118 – St. Marks, 9663476613 – Indiranagar.

Address: No. 8, Papanna Street, St. Marks Road, Bangalore 560001.

777/J, 100 feet road, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038.


This story first appeared in the May 2019 issue of Style Speak magazine here:SS May 19 – Spa Review

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