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Sarcopenia Scare

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Muscle loss or sarcopenia is a common issue that women face as they age, and it is important to recognize the signs to mitigate problems.

Did you know that a gradual loss of muscle starts to occur from the 30’s onwards and some people tend to lose muscle mass and strength more quickly than others?  This muscle loss related to the natural ageing process is called Sarcopenia and is especially more prominent in women.

Low physical activity and poor eating habits increase the risk of developing muscle loss. In addition, as women get older hormone levels decline and motor neurons gradually deteriorate which contribute to the loss of muscle mass. At the onset muscle loss is gradual, and because only about 3 to 7 percent of muscle mass is lost per decade it is not seen as a big concern and hence is often ignored by most women.

Prateek Kumar
Prateek Kumar

The easiest way to keep sarcopenia at bay is for women to keep their muscles active. While resistance training is the most effective method, a combination of strength, aerobic and balance training can not only prevent but also reverse the effects of muscle loss.

If you feel that you are struggling with everyday tasks or often falling, then it is best to meet with a certified health professional to prescribe a training program suitable for you. The best medicine you can take to prevent muscle loss or sarcopenia is to stay active.

Higher muscle to fat ratio is associated with increased life expectancy, similarly a drop in muscle mass is associated with lesser longevity in older adults. However, you cannot just exercise and not eat correctly.

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