Bahrain Beckons

A kaleidoscope of culture, history, food, arts and crafts, Bahrain has many secrets up its sleeve that you can discover when you visit the heart of the Gulf. Known as Dilmun in the past Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf and is the third smallest nation in Asia. The cluster of 33… Read More Bahrain Beckons

Deccan Chronicle

Bahrain – The Pearl of the Gulf

With a kaleidoscope of interesting sights, Bahrain is a potpourri of interesting experiences whether in its historical sights, its pearling history or arts and crafts. An aerial view of the city of Bahrain is a good precursor to what you can expect to see in this archipelago of islands. The turquoise blues and greens merge… Read More Bahrain – The Pearl of the Gulf

Gulf Life

Bahrain’s Amwaj Islands

Five things to do in Amwaj Islands A manmade set of six themed islands Tala, Najmah, Asdaf, Murjan, Jood and Lulu in the north eastern part of Bahrain, Amwaj Islands is a destination in itself offering varied experiences amidst its azure waters and lagoons making for a pretty sight in the Persian Gulf. And if you… Read More Bahrain’s Amwaj Islands

Gulf Life

Muharraq Travelogue

Bahrain’s capital in the 19th century, Muharraq is the third largest city and is the country’s Capital of Islamic Culture 2018 courtesy its rich heritage. Being a heritage and culture aficionado, I was looking forward to explore Muharraq as it is a city that has managed to retain an old world charm thanks to large scale… Read More Muharraq Travelogue

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Dilmun Delights – Bahraini Cuisine

A mélange of flavours courtesy its varied influences Bahrain Cuisine is a potpourri of gastronomic delights. Bahrain’s varied and rich culinary culture is influenced by Indian, Lebanese, Persian, Sri Lankan, and Palestinian foods and offers a great mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. At the heart of the food is the typical Bahraini Spice Mix… Read More Dilmun Delights – Bahraini Cuisine


Bahrain’s Al Fateh Grand Mosque

This place of prayer is a testament to good architecture and is also open to people of all faiths. My first stop on a recent trip to Bahrain was the beautiful Al Fateh Grand Mosque Juffair near the Al Fateh Highway. The exterior facade of the mosque is massive and done in cream hues. The… Read More Bahrain’s Al Fateh Grand Mosque