Royal Foods of India

India’s regal history has a culinary connection too that is now making a comeback in restaurants that are reviving royal food. It was an unusually cold September morning when I met with Chef Love Mathur at Sunset Terrace the in-house restaurant of the beautiful Fateh Prakash Palace, from the HRH Group of Hotels at Udaipur.… Read More Royal Foods of India

Pioneer Group

Chittorgarh – Ode to Bravery

Unlike other parts of Rajasthan, the Mewar region is lush and green, which will for a moment make you feel you are in some another part of India. Perhaps it is a testament to the fact that Mewar’s kings have been known for their fortitude and fearlessness. And to see the grandeur of this, a… Read More Chittorgarh – Ode to Bravery