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Spotlight on the humble idli

The idli ice-cream has divided social media and initiated a huge online dialogue between food lovers on food innovation. A recent image shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter showed what appeared like a vanilla ice cream stick. However, it was an idli that was shaped like an ice cream bar and one such bar was… Read More Spotlight on the humble idli


All About Idli

Amidst the growing debate around idli and its popularity with many people taking to Twitter in support, the humble product seems to have found its universal appeal. After a British professor called it ‘the most boring thing in the world’, netizens from across the globe trolled the professor. It’s hard to resist the goodness of this steamed… Read More All About Idli


Recipe: Foxtail Millet Idlis

Foxtail Millet or Navane is rich in Vitamin B1, Iron and is helpful in diabetes too. As I have included this in my diet, I thought of experimenting a no rice idli flour using Navane and it turned out fantastic – soft and tasty too. Here is my recipe: Ingredients: 2 cups Navane (try and use… Read More Recipe: Foxtail Millet Idlis