Smart Mouth

Traditional Eateries in Macao

With a history of Portuguese cuisine, Macao has an interesting mix as far as food is concerned. Interestingly many of these places have traditional food and the myriad history of the place can be best experienced here. Tai Lei Loi Kei is where the Pork chop bun was first made and dates back to 1968.… Read More Traditional Eateries in Macao

Hotelier India

Tea as a beverage in Hotels

For most people, a mandatory morning time routine is to have a cup of tea. And this cup of tea becomes more important when you are travelling away from home and are looking forward for a perfect cup that will give you the perfect start to the day. Naturally then tea has come to occupy… Read More Tea as a beverage in Hotels


The Lalit Boulangerie, Bangalore

The Lalit Ashok’s Boulangerie at Bangalore was re-launched last week in Bangalore and I was invited to be part of the launch. Being the end of the year, this is arguably the best season for all things sweet and this launch was perfectly timed. A large ginger bread house stuffed with goodies welcome us to… Read More The Lalit Boulangerie, Bangalore