Deccan Chronicle

Women and Weights

Very often women and weight training are associated with several misnomers that make several women hesitant to try weights. Women and weights have always been a point of debate with voices for and against it. However, many celebrities are making the case for weight training by posting their workout videos. We speak to experts to… Read More Women and Weights

The New Indian Express

Snack on Exercise

Not everyone can hit the gym, and now “exercise snacking” has become one of the safest and most effective ways to manage weight. A new bite-sized “movement snack” is a practical and empirical approach to various health concerns, as most people in the new normal are adapting to work from home or virtual work cultures,… Read More Snack on Exercise

Deccan Chronicle

Sarcopenia Scare

Muscle loss or sarcopenia is a common issue that women face as they age, and it is important to recognize the signs to mitigate problems. Did you know that a gradual loss of muscle starts to occur from the 30’s onwards and some people tend to lose muscle mass and strength more quickly than others?  This… Read More Sarcopenia Scare