Aparna Kaushik Design Group Office Space

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Aparna Kaushik Design Group office in Noida is a meticulously
conceptualized office that reflects the firm’s design aesthetics, an expression of their vision for the spaces we want to create.

One of the most important aspirations in realizing this project was to create a working environment that is an extension of the people working in
it. The interiors reveal well-carved and interesting spatial relationships that give it an inherently appealing quality.

Client's Lounge at the office of designer Aparna Kaushik
Client’s Lounge at the office of designer Aparna Kaushik

A modern classic language reflects in this very carefully curated collection of modern furniture and gothic chandeliers. A sense of calm presides over the segments of the office, with curated furniture, light fixtures, and greenery introduced interiors iterating the spaces. The workspace is devoid of obsolete partitions creating openness for enhanced interactions. The placement of furniture defines the zones and the textures renders the clean aesthetics.

Read the full story that first appeared in Architectural Digest here:

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