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Ayatana Coorg

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A space that embodies serenity in the lap of nature, Ayatana Resort, Coorg is the perfect antidote to the chaos of urban life, especially in the age of the coronavirus.

A resort that blends traditional Indian heritage with the beauty of nature, Ayatana Resort, Coorg is set amidst 100 acres of lush landscapes that makes it a sensorial getaway. The design ethos was to sustainably manifest a luxury development amidst a lush untouched rainforest.

Interestingly, this project was the reason Ayatana studios was started as Vishal Vincent – MD & Founder of Ayatana Resort, Coorg is also an architect. Ayatana Studios collaborated with landscape architect and biologist Paul Blanchflower who brought his lifetime of experience and wisdom as a horticulturist to the project.

The resort has 36 standard cottages, 13 Suite cottages and 1 presidential suite and the design of the stilted cottages with an entire side opening out to the treetops, is kept minimal, letting the surroundings blend in with their natural beauty.

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