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C for Coffee

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Things are stirring in your coffee cup as the world of coffee straddles everything from organic to artisanal and new fermentation and roasting to specialty versions.

Hospitality and coffee has an inextricable connection and hoteliers are making use of this to give consumers nuanced coffee experiences through coffee based restaurants as well as standalone spaces that are making coffee drinking as fun as fashionable.

Consumers today want to know more about the origins of their coffee, the roast profiles, taste notes and experiment with different types of coffee formats. These people are also pressed for time with busy lifestyles, so convenience and comfort become important. Most consumers are looking for better tasting café-style coffee that can be easily made at home.

Maverick & Farmer
Maverick & Farmer

There are quite a bit of innovations that are seen in coffee machines today especially in machinery that uses AI technology that still has some research happening. AI has been implemented to check the quality of beans, the way it should be roasted. It ensures our end product is delivered as per the requirement negating the natural product’s inconsistencies.

Coffee as a beverage has evolved tremendously. Speciality coffees have taken a  large market share now. As India is slowly growing into a major coffee market, there is a demand for all sorts of coffee ranging from a filter coffee to various other artisanal blends and also for every brewing method. Even ready to drink coffee like bottled/canned cold coffees are settling a major trend for people and they seem to like it because it’s easy to carry, on the go and gives consumers their daily share of coffee fix.

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