Chakra Spa at Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

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After days of hectic travelling, I was particularly looking forward to a rejuvenating break and relieving my aching muscles. And I found out that what better way than to do that by visiting the Chakra Spa at a regal 19th century residence, the Jehan Numa Palace in Bhopal a rare combination of traditional and contemporary relaxation. Much like its history, the palace is set out amidst beautiful lawns, has a colonial architectural style, princely Indian culture and sophistication that is complete with thorough bred horses that are taken out for a trot every day. The spa itself is a tranquil oasis that has several options to pamper yourself with massages, body treatments and skin therapies. The chakra spa at Jehan Numa Retreat, offers an ideal space to “re-sort” your mind and body, bringing pure balanced rejuvenation life. Inspired by traditional healing wisdom, chakra spa offers programs to purify, balance and rejuvenate. The spa programmes are aimed at ensuring well-being and overall promotion of health. So you have therapies classified as Pure – cleansing and detoxifying treatments, Balance – toning and re balancing treatments and Rejuvenate – energising and strengthening treatments. All their spa treatments and experiences are designed as non – medical, holistic experiences to enhance general health and well being.


Relaxing Vibes

The Chakra spa is located in the midst of verdant greenery much like the rest of Bhopal the city of lakes and I would say the city of greenery. I was asked to choose from a variety of full body massages, scrubs and body wraps and since there were many options, I decided the experts to suggest the best treatment for me. I am advised to go for the purity full body massage that uses lavender essential oil known for reducing emotional stress, restoring skin complexion and reducing acne and slows aging with powerful antioxidants. My masseur Reshma leads me to the spa room and asks me to change and lie down face down. Making sure I am comfortable with the temperature, music and pressure level, she starts with a back massage. The strokes she used were automatically relaxing. Using her hands, palms and fingers especially her thumbs her strokes were deeply relaxing as each frayed nerve and strained muscle in my body became smooth and distressed. The fragrant aroma of essential lavender oil has a calming effect on me almost lulling me to a state of blissful sleep. Following a thorough leg massage, she then asks me to turn over and massages my hands and feet and also the rest of my body. In fact you can tell your masseur if you need her to focus in specific parts of your body and she will do the same. You can also opt for a nice face and head massage as well, with or without oil. I suggest you go for the one with oil as it softens the skin completely leaving you with a refreshing glow. After the treatment I lie down calm for 5 minutes feeling energised and rejuvenated. I am then led to a steam room that has been kept ready so that the oil can soak into the skin. After the ten odd minute steam session I proceed for a shower and voila I am ready to explore the wondrous sights of beautiful Bhopal!


Fact File

Name of The Spa: Name of the Spa: Chakra Spa

Established: 2013

Founders: Nadir Rashid and Yawer Rashid

Architect: Dean D Cruz

Area/Size: 10000 Sq Ft.

Treatment rooms: 5

Number of aestheticians: 5

Signature Treatment: Hot Compress Massage

Timings: 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Contact: Mobile: 9630148395 P: +91-755-6606600

Address: Dr. Saleem Ali Road, Near Van Vihar, Bhopal – 462002, Madhya Pradesh


This story appeared in the August issue of Style Speak here: Spa Review Jehan Numa Palace


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