COVID-19 Entrepreneurs

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COVID-19 may have dealt a blow like no other, but several individuals have used it as an opportunity to start on their own.

The Indomitable Triumph of the Human Spirit is what these individuals have demonstrated when they have not let job losses or pandemic lockdowns and problems deter them.

I spoke to four such individuals who have managed to shown grit and courage to use this time to pursue their passion.

Gaurav Chauhan was working with a MNC which was trying to set up India operations and on the other hand due to COVID-19 packed up operations. he is now a yoga teacher.

PR Professional Sakshi Uniyal from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand who lost her job in COVID-19 when she was pregnant, started on her own with the help of her family, especially her in-laws.

Harshil Patel, Founder, Tastilicious, graduated during the pandemic and found no job. He now runs his own cloud kitchen.

Neha Nialang, Founder, Dalade Foods wanted to do something with local food and started her venture post her graduation.

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