Eat Vegetarian Meals at Swiss Michelin Restaurants

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On my last trip to Switzerland, I was acquainted with a lesser known aspect of the country – its vegetarian food courtesy the fresh produce grown there.

And to showcase this Switzerland Tourism took a small bunch of writers and journalists to Michelin starred restaurants who showcased an excellent set of vegetarian dishes and also made sure that the experience was something to cherish.

From inviting us to the kitchen to taking us on a foraging trip, these restaurants are all about the experience and there was no compromise there.

Set amidst the best locations these restaurants have a strong sense of place and purpose in their food. The chefs are so passionate about their food that it is clear why they have their Michelin stars.

I visited these restaurants and sampled a well curated course by course meal that has strayed with me with after I returned.

  • Sion – Damien Germanier
  • Geneva – Le Chat Botté
  • Cossonay-Ville – La Fleur de Sel

Read the full story that first appeared in Khaleej Times here:

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