Vegetarian Recipes

October 2, 2023 Bindu 0

As we celebrate World Vegetarian Day on October 1st and October is vegetarian month, it is time to shine the spotlight on vegetarian food. With an […]

Flexitarian Diets

June 26, 2023 Bindu 0

Being flexitarian is believed to be the easiest way to switch to a plant based diet especially if you are finding it hard to give […]

Focaccia Bread Recipe

August 10, 2020 Bindu 0

I have always been fascinated with Focaccia breads that I have eaten many times largely at Italian restaurants as they are make for a pretty […]

Green Beans Chutney

February 17, 2019 Bindu 0

Green Beans have a surprising versatility and while you may use them commonly in rice, curries and salads, this chutney is a delightful way of […]

Vegetarian Cuisine

October 8, 2018 Bindu 0

October 1st is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day and it is time to get your fill of what is happening in this space. Being a […]