Vegan Vogue Restaurant Review

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Even as plant-based eating and veganism become the next big food trends, Bengaluru based Vegan Vogue makes an impressive splash in the space.

Making my way into the plush Indiranagar 80 feet road, the vegetarian in me is glad to be visiting a vegan restaurant. Say hello to Vegan Vogue, the newest addition to Bengaluru’s burgeoning restaurant space whose vision is to change the way people eat, without forcing them to change who they are.

The 80-cover restaurant has a cheery feel and the yellow and brown hues of the restaurant is set against a retail space of the organic brand Pure & Sure.

Pancakes at Vegan Vogue
Pancakes at Vegan Vogue

They delectable menu has an eclectic choice of vegan fare that has something for everyone who wants to adopt a plant-based diet without having to give up on taste, texture, or quality. The all-day menu includes breakfast which has vegan pancakes, waffles, and French toast.

Do try the Zucchini fritters, with crisp Zucchini, caramelized onions and mozzarella topped with sour cream, which is a dish that comes together perfectly.

Read the full story that first appeared in Hash#ag Magazine’s Oct 2022 issue here:

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