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Flyzy, a statup by Deepak Meena, Hansraj Patel and Arjit Singh is onboarding passengers with artificial intelligence (AI) led technology that is helping first time flyers being a tech driven app to assist travel.

Keeping this in mind as well as safety and hygiene requirements for travelers, including new flyers, Flyzy a tech startup founded by three young tech geeks has launched their app for a completely hassle-free journey.

Arjit Singh, Co-founder and marketing head of Flyzy
Arjit Singh, Co-founder and marketing head of Flyzy

Flyzy is a single platform which allows you to travel without hustle and anxiety like flight missing and late checkin. It allows you to skip every waiting queue you face while air travel and makes your journey seamless. Making use of Artificial Intelligence, Flyzy aims to revolutionize the travel module to be free of hurdles for any passenger and aims to optimize the travel sector. Launched amid the inception of the pandemic, the Flyzy app’s adaptation comes as a touchless transaction towards a technology fueled product among all strata of passengers, be it the first timer or the frequent flyers.

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