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Food Nostalgia – Menasina Saaru

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Rasam is a dish that is a quintessential part of every South Indian meal and a traditional variant can also be the immunity booster much required in times like these.

Food has a sense of nostalgia like no other. After all it is associated with memories of childhood and one that can warm the cockles of your heart. And for me one dish that is my comfort food is rasam, a dish I grew up eating almost every day and one I still do. The soup-like broth with the tanginess of tamarind, tartness of tomato, sweetness of jaggery and wholesomeness of lentil along with the spice of the rasam powder was always a winner. And the word rasam always conjured the red hued dish in my mind.

However this rasam was nothing like this and yet was tasty and flavourful. If that got your thinking, read the full story that first appeared in The Hindu dated July 18, 2021 here:

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