Food Trends 2023

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A New Year means it is time to crystal gaze at trends and food trends will define what you plate will look like in 2023.

As the calendar year starts, we speak to experts in the food and beverage space to take us through some interesting trends that will make their mark in 2023. Here is our curated list of trends.

Pan Asian Food

The small portions and the ability to taste a variety of dishes in a singular meal is what makes Pan Asian cuisine fun and exciting. Pan Asian food in 2023 will see a rise as not only is it healthy but its flavourful and simple and easy

Alternative Meat

Alternative meat offers vegetarian options that taste and feel like actual meat. In India the vegan consumer market is in a nascent stage, it is rapidly growing.

Reinstating Traditions

The catering industry is about to see a lot of evocative and nostalgic ideas bringing back the early 2000s trends, which leads people to long for comfort food rekindling happy moments from home or simpler times when life was much more free-spirited and less stressful.


Veganism is making headway globally, including in India, in every way. Food trends and concepts to look out for in 2023 include the consumption of a diverse variety of mushrooms, faux fish, fava beans, peas, green lentils, and soya-based products.

Wellness Cooking

Through Wellness cooking not only does one achieve holistic wellness but is also able to prevent diseases. It is eaten fresh, in portions, is consumed timely, is very simple to cook and gives a lot of joy and it is the best way of taking care of the body

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