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Dressing chairs with saris and upholstery fabric in custom tones, limón is a brand that merges Indian aesthetics with modern sensibilities.

Aradhana Anand, Creative Director & Owner, limón spent 12 years in the corporate space, initially with a bank and then as a ship broker living and working between Delhi, Dubai, and Singapore.

She felt a need for colour, in furniture, décor products and in homes and hence the idea of limón was conceived in the summer of 2015 and they opened for business in April of 2016.

Chairs by limón
Chairs by limón

The focus of the brand is on ‘dressing the chair’ and comfort. They offer six standard chair forms that can be customised using saris and upholstery fabric.

The best part is that one look at these chairs and the vibrancy of the colour is what strikes you. And this is intentional as Anand admits she loves colour and says the more the better.  

Read the full story that first appeared in The New Indian Express dated Jan 30, 2022 here:

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