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Home Automation 2021

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Homes are getting a smart makeover courtesy automation devices and interconnecting devices.

Home Automation is currently witnessing amazing growth with constant innovation in all areas. From cleaning robots, hubs, security systems, door locks, video door locks and motion sensors, the way a home of the future will look has changed forever.

Home automation can work in a small studio apartment or a large villa. Automation, till a few years back was hailed as the domain of the uber rich, today this scenario has completely changed.

Smart Homes
Smart Homes

Currently, home automation is limited to a niche group within the ultra-luxury and luxury segment of real estate mainly in metros and mini metros. While it is a steadily evolving space, its penetration in tier 2 and 3 markets is a bit limited.

Investors of the home automation industry understand the grave need to make day to day activities touch free. Therefore, the automation market today is striving to create effective building automation.

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