Hotelier GM Summit

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Hotelier India’s GM Summit saw regional forums, Hotel Owners, Operators, Area Heads, General Managers, and key decision makers from various hotels congregate for a half-day interactive discussion.

As part of its initiatives to highlight dynamic leaders and companies as well as share their insights, which can benefit their peers, the ‘GM Summit’ by Hotelier India saw a fruitful discussion on highly pertinent topics that have a direct bearing on the hospitality business.

Bibhor Srivastava, Managing Director, ITP Media India delivered the welcome address at JW Marriott Hotel Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru and thanked the partners BMW, Maggi, Jaguar and Hafele.

As hotels move forward after the pandemic and being one of the industries that bore the brunt of it, hoteliers are ensuring the lessons learnt are not forgotten.

Again, manpower ratios have changed in hotels and Puri says hotels need to start charging a fair price to their guests. The pandemic has taught the industry many lessons that have resulted in some key takeaways for its stakeholders.

Cross training, charging a premium for labour intensive roles and leveraging technology is being seen as the way manpower is enhanced. Another aspect that the pandemic has reinforced is health and wellness. Also, the need for social interaction among people is ensuring that people come back to hotels.

Read the full story that first appeared in Hotelier India’s August 2022 issue here:

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