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A country that has several unique aspects, Qatar is also the host country of 2022 FIFA World Cup.

A country that has the longest continuous cycling path, is ranked the safest in the world, has no forests and is the only country in the world where the sand dunes meet the sea, Qatar is like no other.

Arriving in Doha in the night will give you a sneak peek into what to expect as you see a sparkling skyline where skyscrapers lit in colourful hues make a stunning first impression. With its perfectly maintained roads and manicured pavements, Doha is the epitome of a modern city.

A stop at the Imam Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahhab Mosque, often called Qatar’s national mosque built in the traditional home style has a classic Islamic architecture and provides great views of the West Bay skyline.

Spend an evening at La Corniche, the seafront promenade that has a nice pedestrian walkway around its seven-kilometer diameter. You can also take a boat ride and enjoy the city and water views and grab a bite at the café’s around here.

For retail therapy you must head to Souq Waqif, a busy shopping labyrinth that has everything from gold jewellery, colourful fabrics, spices, Aladdin-style bronze lamps, a pet market and even a camel market. There are many restaurants here as well. A must see is the art quarter where you can spot an artist at work if you are lucky.

Souq Wakif
Souq Waqif

Peek into the Falcon souk when you are here, for some fascinating insights into the bird. If you are looking for a premier experience, go to the Villaggio Mall, that feels straight out of Italy complete with Venetian-inspired canals and gondola rides and even houses an Olympic-sized ice rink.

Doha’s Katara Cultural Village is the place for arts and culture lovers and has a motley collection of shops, art galleries, cafés and a nice beach making it an ideal way to unwind during the evening. Likewise, make time to visit The Pearl, a modern district made on a manmade island where you can see snazzy yachts at the marina.

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