Interview with actor Manish Raisinghan

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The Model Actor

You may know him as Siddhant from Sasural Simar Ka or as Sameer from Teen Bahuraniyaan. Or you may know him as a former contestant of Grasim Mr. India. Or perhaps as a martial arts expert, a Reiki specialist and/or a photographer. Well it is certainly hard not to know Manish Raisinghan!

Flash Back

Being a techie with an engineering background, Manish Raisinghan says acting happened by accident. “I was picked by my seniors to participate in inter-college fashion show as they were short of one model and they chose me to fill in that gap and I happened to be selected as the best male model which somehow started my journey. It was never really a part of the plan. Acting was again an unplanned move. The opportunity not just came knocking but made sure I own it for life. My first big break was with Balaji telefilms. They checked if I could do it and I was not sure about acting but they assured I would learn it in the process. My only question was if there was if there was good money offered, and it was my Sindhi instincts that compelled me to take it up.” Incidentally it was Balaji’s Kashin Kisi Roz where he started learning the craft and soon mastered the ropes and established himself firmly as an actor in Balaji’s Kahiin Toh Hoga. Considering that he has played several characters on television I ask him if he counts any of them as memorable. “It has to be Sameer Gheewala from Teen Bahuraaniyaan on Zee TV. I played a conman and had many shades to my role. It was a massive hit and somewhere brought out the actor in me. Another role that has been extremely close to my heart is Siddhant from Sasural Simar Ka. It had a different element and connected well to the audiences and I owe the super success of Siddhant to the fans who made it much larger than I even expected it to be when I joined the show.”


Work Matters

A successful ramp model, Manish has done several print campaigns as well. So I ask quiz him how the transition from modelling to acting was. “There was never really a transition as I’ve been doing both parallelly. I’ve been lucky enough to explore both at the same time. I am pretty restless as a person and cannot live a monotonous life. So I act and also walk the ramp and that is pretty exciting.” Again with a plethora of content across multiple genres television today is changing so what is Manish’s take on this? “The television shows are catering to the demands of the masses. You may choose to agree or disagree but the makers are making what is working for the audiences and it is working just fine. For actors, there is an element of surprise, sometimes a fear to be ridiculed but you serve what the viewers have asked for. If you have a guest at hotel you would not serve what you want, you will serve what the guest asks for. And that is exactly what we are doing in television today and I am proud to be a part of TV clan.” After doing a cameo in the movie Heroine, Manish says we should see him soon on the big screen. “I have been caught up with many things and I will also be occupied with my new venture apart from developing some software but after that for sure.”


Sharing Experiences

Manish has also been at the Cannes Film Festival and says it was a great experience for him. “My only agenda was to learn, watch, absorb when you are walking alongside the mavericks of the cinema. It is exhilarating to listen to all the creative people. But the moment of pride for me is one of the three short films I acted in premiered at Cannes and two of our other films where I was involved in behind the camera was put up on display at the Indian pavilion at Cannes film Festival.” The actor is active on social media and says it is everyone’s birthright! “For us actors it is a playground or our window to the world which peeps out from our set to the rest of the world. Moreover it is the best way to reach out to the audiences on a personal level and is a give and take. Fans give us honest feedback, support us at all times and shower us with love, it is a fantastic platform.” Outside work Manish says that while it is important that he has fun while working, he prefers to go on a drive or take a quick break and travel with close friends when free.

This story appeared in Sunday herald here.

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