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The importance of kitchen gadgets can hardly be over emphasized especially in hotels where cooking is done in large scale.

In the digital Era, the increase in tools and technique revolution is providing a solution to every industry demand and making things easier for everyone’s life. Kitchen tools such as chef’s Knife, peeler, blender, combi-oven, frying pan and now we even have tools to measure quantity, temperature monitoring thermometer, oil rancidity check-ups and many more to produce safe, hygienic, and nutritious food. Chefs are getting acquainted with all modern tools to cook food in an easy and quick way.

It all begins with an easy and standardized cutting, sanitising, cooking, setting right temperatures, plating, garnishing and finally serving the cooked food that all are technologically influenced. With the high cost of recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining staff, automation offers benefits such as simplifying certain tasks, filling staffing gaps, and helping with inventory and storage.

For example, innovative technology can increase the effectiveness of handling day-to-day responsibilities, such as employee scheduling, food prep tasks, equipment cleaning, and tracking incoming shipments of products.

Combi Oven-Multi Purpose
Combi Oven-Multi Purpose

Foodtech is currently on the boom. Since the pandemic be it Robotic equipment to Robotic cooks, the hotel industry has been forced to up its game to ensure business continuity, kitchens are today adopting digital advancements faster than ever.

While technology is not the sole solution to the current labour crisis, it does helps to create more efficient and effective processes for restaurant operators and employees alike. Kitchen automation is a cost-effective solution that has long-term benefits. An automated kitchen can increase employee productivity and reduces the chance of error. Garnishing tools and gadgets that are handy to use is the new trend that is becoming popular to add the final touch and enhance the visual presentation of the plated meal.

Combi Oven/ Vegetable Processer/ Grinders are very useful, and they not only save time but also controls and minimise wastage of the time, manpower as well as products. For instance, Combi steamers are multi-purpose, and one can use the same gadget for steaming more than one ingredient at a time that saves time for curating more than one dish.

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