Lausanne Travel Guide

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A city that is known to be one of the best for walking and also for all things related to the Olympics, Lausanne is a charming place in more ways than one.

On my second trip to Switzerland, I found myself in Lausanne on an early October evening. I was told that this is the only city that has a metro connectivity and my stop was the last one on the line called ‘Ouchy–Olympique’.

Piqued by the name I found out that my hotel was not the only thing that was close to this stop but also the famed Olympic musuem.

In spite of the fading light and having under an hour to spare, I rushed into the Olympic museum to discover a spectacular collection of Olympic memorabilia and more.

While this was my first introduction to the city, I made sure that I walked along the waterfront on the opposite side and was delighted to see several water birds along the way.

Another aspect of the city that I liked was its old town and the charming buildings in the area. The Church here also has a tower that can be accessed by a climb that is not too easy but will reward you will a stunning bird’s eye view of the city.

Here are some images of my trip:

Flowers at the farmers' market
Flowers at the farmers’ market
A church framed in Lausanne
A church framed in Lausanne
Vegetables at the farmers' market
Fruits at the farmers’ market

Read the full story that first appeared in Times Travel here:

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