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Syed Ghani Khan’s mango orchard set amidst his paddy farm is a one of its kind organic space that has a whopping 119 varieties of mangoes.

Kirugavalu in Malavalli Taluk of Mandya District, Karnataka is home to farmer Syed Ghani Khan’s 16-acre paddy farm that has about 119 varieties of mangoes.

Mangoes at Syed Ghani's farm
Mangoes at Syed Ghani’s farm

Some of the mangoes include variants that taste like sweet lime (mosambi ka aam), apple shaped (seb ka aam), sweet-less mangoes, mangoes with a cumin taste, mangoes that grow in bunches, small mangoes (called midi mavinakai) among others.

There are also mango varieties that weigh anywhere from 50 grams to 1250 grams each. The mangoes that Khan grows are not available regularly in the market and have varieties called Mangmaari, Motikant, Bada Gola, Moti ka aam, Aate ka aam, Meethe mian pasand and Nanhe mian pasand.

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