New Age Mattress Solutions

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New age mattresses are going beyond the realms of conventional standards as they promise to be ergonomic, age specific and tech savvy all while ensuring that you get a good night’s rest.

As per Centuary-Neilson survey, 58% people have back problems and 68% people feel sleepy while commuting between workplace and home. These are clear indicators on the fact that most not getting the required sleep during the night. In majority of the cases these were either using gadgets on the bed or sleeping on a wrong surface. Additionally, according to ‘India Mattresses Market Outlook to 2020 – Surging Demand and Growing Brand Awareness to Shape Future Growth India’ report , the Indian mattress market is expected to reach a CAGR of Rs. 100 billion by the year 2020.The rise in disposable income in India is fueling an increase in the purchase of quality products. The middle class segment poses a huge opportunity for companies to offer a blend of high quality and affordability, as this segment is increasingly looking to derive value for the money they invest in high involvement items.

The Right Choice

Buying a mattress is an investment that requires thought and hence you will need to do the research and understand the quality being offered to you. While each person is different when it comes to their sleeping habits and preferences, there are some generic questions that can help you choose the right mattress. For instance knowing the kind of surface you prefer can help determine the kind of components you might like in the mattress. Every brand has its own mattress structure that comes built with multiple layers. But in reality, your body does not need so many complex layers for support. Find one that has a simple structure suits your body type. Some brands like Sunday Mattresses offer mattresses based on your age. The Sunday Ortho Plus for instance is for the younger lot, Latex Plus for people with back issues and little older in age and Memory Foam which is midway and a pocket friendly option. “With a lot of R&D we have tried to build a world-class product with modern aesthetics to appeal to everyone. Our latex is sourced form the most advanced factory in Belgium and designed by acclaimed designer Hiroki Shiratori,” says Alphonse Reddy, Founder & CEO, Sunday Mattresses. Mattresses with health and safety certifications are most dependable. While it is a norm globally, in India it is now catching up. Make sure your mattress comes with a warranty, and preferably a trial period, so you can test it to your convenience.

New Vistas

There is a big shift in how people are purchasing mattresses as there are plenty of options available online that help consumers with convenience and luxury mattresses. People are realizing the need for better sleep products and the new brands offer transparency and information to their customers. From mattresses that come with different combinations of materials to ones that are built to target different regions of the body. Some even come with inbuilt hi-tech gear. “Rather than going tradition cotton or coir or box spring mattresses, People are opting for foam mattresses. These again come with varied options and combinations. They are built with the intention to suit every body type and come with orthopedic support. Brands like SleepyCat provide gel memory foam mattresses that come packed in a box shipped to you directly from the factory and are the most cost-effective as they cut out any middlemen and overhead charges,” says Kabir Siddiq, Founder, SleepyCat.

Tech Talk

Technology and innovation have allowed for different kinds of mattresses to come into the picture in the recent past, such that comfort and durability are prioritized. The adaptation of memory foam into the mattress space has allowed for the creation of quality mattresses that aim to provide sound and restful sleep. Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co- founder, says, “memory foam technology was initially used by NASA to help cushion the body within space suits. As the material comfortably moulded to take the shape of the body, the same technology was applied to mattresses for household use as well. This means that memory foam mattresses, through the support provided to the body, help in the even distribution of body weight on the mattress. This supports the lower back and keeps the spine in a neutral position thereby relieving pain. It also prevents neck pain, hip pain and pain in the arms and shoulders, which can be caused by incorrect sleep posture.” Vaibhav Malik, Director, Eclipse Mattress, India avers, “committed to adapting recent advances in technology, we utilize the science of sleep as a foundation to achieve genuine results and find solutions to create healthy sleeping environments for our valued clients. Technologies such as Zone Quilt (centered cushioning), Spinal Zone (reduced back pain while sleep), LifeEdge (mattress edge support), Coil On Coil (plush and firm comfort) and more not only improve the quality of the mattress, but ultimately, the quality of one’s sleep.” Eclipse incidentally is the only mattress brand in the world to be endorsed by COCSA (Congress of Chiropractic State Association) from USA for the use of patented bedding technologies.

Sunday Mattresses (with model)
Sunday Mattresses (with model)

Do it Right

Mattresses can be damaged if water and other fluids come in contact with the surface. “Furthermore, it is also necessary to prevent bodily fluids from being absorbed by the mattress. Thus, in the interest of hygiene and maintenance, make sure to buy a mattress topper or mattress protector along with the mattress itself. In the case of individuals with spinal issues, it is always advisable to take medical advice prior to investing in an orthopedic mattress. It is also beneficial to research on the materials used in the mattress when narrowing down options,” says Ramalingegowda.

Now Trending

Customization, use of special fabrics and technology in mattresses are the major trends that have been witnessed in new age mattresses. The market is making a slow but sure shift towards organized players. Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattresses says, “in recent times, we have noticed that the consumer are preferring mattresses made from eco-friendly materials like rubberized coir, chemical free upholstery and the like. Another trend is customised mattresses from the dimensions which people ask based on their bed size and layering perspective. An interesting trend is also young parent’s inclination towards having a specialized mattress for their children since a lot of muscle development and strengthening happens when the infant is asleep. These specialized mattresses offer a sanitized environment, free of harmful substances protecting the sensitive skin of the infant. The parents are also prioritizing purchasing the best for their children and increasing preference to keep baby in a separate bed.” There is nothing more restful than a good night’s sleep so make sure your mattress helps you do that.


  • Always know what the brand is offering you including aspects like a trial period and a warranty period.
  • Never settle for the first choice. Do your research and listen to what others have to say for the brand too.
  • Do change your mattresses every 5-7 years. A mattress that has outlived its time will give you back ache.
  • Do invest in a good mattress.  A good quality pillow is as important as a mattress.
  • Do not focus too much on discounts. A great deal on a bad mattress is still useless.
  • Do not use mattresses that use uncertified raw materials.
  • Never buy a second hand mattress.

This story first appeared in Smartlife August 2019 issue here: SL Right Mattress

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