New Age Wedding Invites

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Wedding invites are changing to become all thinks funky, eclectic, elegant and ecofriendly and most importantly come with a personal touch.

Invitation cards are the first glimpse into your wedding and everyone wants to make an impression. This is probably why the traditional Indian wedding invite is seeing a makeover of sorts. “Gone are the days when you settle for simple folds with bright Indian colours and traditional motifs. From intricate laser-cut designs to caricature invites, jigsaw puzzles to eco-friendly boxes, the new-age couples are going all out to ensure that their wedding invites are more like extensions of their personalities,” says Mehak Sagar Shahani, Co-Founder, WedMeGood.

New Vistas

A wedding invite is no longer just a rectangular card and that is the beauty of it. The idea is to add value, something that adds to the whole experience. It could be in the form of a personalized trunk that can be used as a jewellery box. “More and more families are now opening up to the idea of minimalistic yet elegant invites. They have begun emphasizing more on the little gifts that they send along with the invites in a bid to make a lasting impact on their guests,” adds Tharwani. Kanika Jain Gupta, Founder, Iktaara adds, “the ordinary pre-designed ones that brides and grooms needed to choose from are long gone. Nowadays, there are wedding hashtags and wedding themes, colour palettes that create a beautiful visual experience and set the mood for the wedding. Everything is done just the way the bride, the groom and their families desire. It is quite like creating a brand from scratch.” Itchha Talreja, Owner & Head Designer, Itchha Talreja Designs adds, “minimal and trendy wedding invites have replaced the elaborate invitations. People prefer an invite with a story or something that holds relevance.”

Trend Check

The modern couple is conscious, yet not compromising on style. With all this tech-spurt, digital wedding invitations have really come a long way and how! While physical wedding cards have their own charm, a cool and more viable way to send and receive wedding invitations is now over the internet. “Just like how big fat Indian weddings will never go out of vogue, the traditional invites will continue to reign over. But people have started being innovative, experimenting with the traditional styles to come up with something unique that stays true to them. For instance, couples are now opting for little caricatures on their invites, making an invite as personalized as possible. Apart from that, video invites are also on the rise. By making a video inviting the guests, wedding invites are gradually becoming more personal than they ever were,” says Tina Tharwani, Co-founder of Shaadi Squad. Pooja Chopra, Founder – PNA Origine adds, “reusable boxes with meaningful gifts are the new trend for wedding invites. Gone are the days when invites were only made with paper and they had no purpose later for the guests. We at PNA, do a lot of MDF boxes covered in our non-leather material with exotic ingredients such as Kesar from Iran and Dry fruits Chikkis that go along the card; as invites.” Unboxed, sleek and modern invites are the new trend. Modern and edgy designs with some traditional elements and motifs maintained. “Using innovative elements such as magnetic folders, unconventional shapes of cards/envelopes as well as the use of brighter, unconventional colour schemes accentuated with metallic foiling. Translucent papers are also gaining a lot of popularity. Rose gold is a new popular colour, teamed with either pastels or royal jewel tones,” avers Nikita Kirloskar Mohite, Founder, Lovenote Stationery and Design.

Going Green

With most people opting to be environmentally conscious E-invites are becoming popular. However even paper based invites are going the recycled paper route. Potted plants, plantable stationery, seed bombs or handmade, organic products are usually what accompany these ecofriendly invites. Moreover, seed paper invites and fabric scrolls are also on the rise, and so are ideas like adding a small aesthetic note to plants. Seed Paper is a new creation that has active seeds embedded in the paper which means you can dampen the card and put it in the soil and that will regrow as plants! Arpit Kumar, Founder, InviteKaro, says, “paper cards might continue to survive but digital is the present, and it is important to think beyond. InviteKaro provides GIF wedding cards can be your small step towards helping the earth and reducing your carbon footprint, insignificant as it may be, but it will be a start. It is only fair that there is space on your phone for a wedding invite too, which being a GIF will have a voice and life of its own.” So well hope you picked up loads of ideas for your wedding invite.

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