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Post Holi Detox

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After a binge worthy Holi, there is every chance you may be feeling out of sorts. Fret not as you are not alone and experts are here to help.

Festival brings in a lot of binge eating sweets, fried snacks and spicy food along with alcoholic drinks and beverages. This results in lots of dehydration, bloating issues. Include light meals like dal chawal, seasonal vegetables with minimal ‘tadka’ khichdi dahi and for gut recovery. Have plain water and hydrate yourself to flush out all toxins and waste products produced with junk food.


The best foods that can really help in promoting gut microbiome is including salads which will add bulk to the stools and help in bowl movement. Include pre and pro biotic drinks like carrot beetroot ‘kanji’,  curd, kombucha, saurkaut, khimchi will will help feed the good bacteria in gut and promote better digestive health to reduce bloating , acidity and constipation.

Post Holi, alcoholic  and aerated drinks should be given a complete rest as they dehydrate the body , increasing frequent urination, resulting in loss of electrolytes. For replenishing the lost electrolytes, have lemon water with salt, buttermilk and coconut water.

Home cooked food
Home cooked food

Keep yourself physically active , workout for an hour , do breathing exercises , daily walk for an hour , meditate and sleep early. Give away your sweet boxes to your staff and Keep your refrigerator with less junk or spicy options really goes a long way to trim those extra inches gained in Holi.

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