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Shefali Shah Interview

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Shefali Shah is an Actor, Artist, Designer and Restaurateur. A name that resonates with powerful acting, Shefali Shah has several aces up her sleeve that are beyond the screen.

I met Shefali recently in Bengaluru as she came to launch her restaurant Jalsa after the first launched in Ahmedabad.

Jalsa interiors in Bangalore
Jalsa interiors in Bangalore

The restaurant is eclectic and has a pastel theme. Interestingly there are different kinds of seating here including swings and even carousels! A few of the walls have been hand painted by Shefali, who is also an artist.

Her mantra for post COVID life is the need to start treasuring relationships as we learnt how unpredictable life is and how incomplete it is without the people you love. Life is so unpredictable that it is important to celebrate every single moment.

Read the full interview that first appeared in Zee Zest here:

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