Swings in Home Decor

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Adding a swing to your home can amp the décor aspect several notches higher as these experts tell you.

Swings were a staple in old Indian homes that have slowly lost their relevance with modern interiors. While swings deem to be the most ideal to be used in an outdoor balcony or a garden, the addition of swings adds to the playful note within a home.

Pic courtesy Envisage - Meena Murthy Kakkar
Pic courtesy Envisage – Meena Murthy Kakkar

Swings evoke nostalgia of childhood. Swings take us to memories of friends, family, and ancestral homes. In most of the homes, swings were inevitable
and they added charm and dynamism to the space, also beautifully adding an emotional quotient to the interiors.

One must keep in mind that sufficient clear space is required for unhinder
ed function of swings the approach to spatial provisions for swings. With respect to positioning, swings placed in the central part of a room enable additional accessibility from both sides. However, the placement of swings in the main circulation areas could turn out hazardous for people as accidents are the least expected inside homes.

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