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Japanese Cuisine

Though Japanese restaurants are around in country for a very long time but it only got into sizeable number in last couple of years. That is why the food has become more readily available and got a little more affordable. What sets apart Japanese cuisine from other Asian cuisine is its simplicity. Freshness and health… Read More Japanese Cuisine



Wasabi can be used in many unique ways- right from dips, pasta sauces and a various non-vegetarian fusion dish. Some delightful favourites include: Make sure you use the pungent ingredient right. Do’s: Don’ts: Read the full story that first appeared in CEIA Magazine’s October 2023 issue here:


Valentine with a Twist

Typically associated with roses, chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day across the globe has many interesting twists. And it is all about love in all its forms that includes friendship too. We look at six unique traditions in different countries that give Valentine celebrations a whole new meaning and perspective. Japan While Valentine Day is all… Read More Valentine with a Twist


Review of Sara Spa, Bengaluru

Japanese Twist to Wellness The word ‘Sara’ encompasses all forms of purification and purity is not merely restricted to physical decontamination. Based on Japanese wellness concepts, Sara Spa & Sento at Bengaluru, offers spa treatments that are unique and highly effective. As you step into Sara, you are drawn to a serene and calm environment,… Read More Review of Sara Spa, Bengaluru