The Quest for Immortality

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A recent report where experts have speculated that humans could achieve immortality by 2050 has brought the focus back on the human need for immortality.

There has been an increased focus especially by the super-rich to go for life-extending treatments. Injected blood from teenagers, lab grown organs, gene therapy and robot bodies are some of the ways this is being sought.

Aging begins after birth and to achieve extended healthy lifespan or slow down the aging process, the interventions must begin from a younger age. All interventions that promote extending healthy lifespan positively influence pro-ageing pathways.

Food as medicine has been advocated since ages. Irregular food habits and sleeping patterns which are misaligned with the biological clock result in its disruption which in turn accelerate aging and age-related diseases.

Any treatment that we do to manage the ageing process, is purely cosmetic and will make a dent in the pocket. Hence it automatically excludes a large portion of the population, raising questions on its ethicality and equality.

Read the full story that first appeared in Deccan Chronicle dated Sep 27, 2021 here:

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