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Yoga has for long been a great way to stay fit, holistically. And this is now even more important as the world continues its fight against the coronavirus.

The Yoga Make Space collection from adidas has been consciously crafted, inspired by the elements of nature and aims to support through every move and practice, with apparel for women and men. The campaign celebrates what brings different people to the mat, no matter their background, ability, or reason to practice.

adidas recently came out with a Yoga Campaign – Yoga Make Space, featuring the Megastar – Deepika Padukone. For the first time ever, adidas is leveraging such an initiative which revolves around mental health & fitness.

We speak to five Indian yoga exponents based abroad to help us understand the nuances of yoga as well as some COVID survival tips:

  • Sohan Singh, Yogi and Entrepreneur, China
  • Gurdev Singh, Managing Director, Viet An International Sports, JSC, Vice President, Asian Yoga Federation
  • Ravi Dixit, Yoga Teacher, UK
  • Yogaraj CP, Yoga Teacher, Prana Yogam Hong Kong
  • Yogacharya Sivanandam (Master Siva), Siva Yoga Studio, Nanjing, China

Read the full story that first appeared in Zee Zest here:

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