Poached Lobster, Star Anise-Infused Mango Jello, Avocado Mousse and Black Olive Puree

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Cooking a restaurant style dish for a special occasion can add a zing to your celebrations and this dish does just that.

When you want to make a restaurant style dish, often you may be confused as to how to go about it. This dish will help you create a great looking and tasting dish that is bound to give any restaurant a run for their money.

Combining elements like the seasonal mangoes, it has the zing of star anise, creaminess of avocado, proteins of lobster and goodness of olives that comes together to create a dish that will appeal to everyone. Chef Prasad Metrani, Director Of Culinary, Conrad Bengaluru shares a recipe and you can read about it by checking the same below.

Read the full story that first appeared in Seema Magazine here:

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