Naviluna Chocolates

Naviluna chocolate factory in Mysore’s Hebbal Industrial Area is a homegrown chocolate brand helmed by South African David Belo. Naviluna Artisanal Chocolates uses organically certified cacao beans grown across farms in South India. Naviluna’s dark chocolates come in two versions, one is dark at 72% and one which is almost dark at 61.8%, to get… Read More Naviluna Chocolates

Zee Zest

Conscious Luxury Travel

Travelling itself leaves a large carbon footprint, but you can make sensible choices of where you stay without compromising on luxury. A stay at these retreats is all about being taken on a journey from understanding nature to preserving resources and building a more sustainable planet. With every interaction, starting with the first view to… Read More Conscious Luxury Travel

Seema Magazine

Post Holi Detox

After a binge worthy Holi, there is every chance you may be feeling out of sorts. Fret not as you are not alone and experts are here to help. Festival brings in a lot of binge eating sweets, fried snacks and spicy food along with alcoholic drinks and beverages. This results in lots of dehydration,… Read More Post Holi Detox

Deccan Chronicle

Sarcopenia Scare

Muscle loss or sarcopenia is a common issue that women face as they age, and it is important to recognize the signs to mitigate problems. Did you know that a gradual loss of muscle starts to occur from the 30’s onwards and some people tend to lose muscle mass and strength more quickly than others?  This… Read More Sarcopenia Scare

Music Plus

Music Education in India

Studying music is a great way to polish your skills and turn a vocation into a profession as there are several education institutions in India that can help. Music education in India today is extremely diverse in terms of both availability and quality. Another untapped opportunity is music education in schools – which despite a… Read More Music Education in India

Natural Diamonds

A Cut Above The Rest

Heritage Diamond cuts are making a string comeback into diamond jewellery designs. Rose, briolette, and portrait cuts are making a strong case for diamond jewellery as they combine tradition and modernity to create timeless pieces that are ethereal and eternal. Rose Cut The rose cut began in the 1500s and was generally used through the… Read More A Cut Above The Rest