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HRX Brand Profile

Athleisure as a segment is growing by leaps and bounds in the country. A key driver of this segment is the fact that Indians are increasingly becoming health conscious and are investing in a fitness wardrobe as well. HRX, India’s homegrown active wear brand was founded in November 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment. The collections are a combination of style and substance, drawn from Hrithik Roshan and his lifelong dedication to achieve the fittest version of himself. “Our

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Reviving Traditional Indian Fabrics

There is a slow yet sure resurgence of traditional Indian fabrics – from Pochampally to Ikkat to Patola, Maheshwari and more that is changing how the apparel industry is working. Tradition is coming back strongly and there is a change that is susceptible as far as apparel is concerned. Likewise, apparel exports of what is truly Indian are also gaining momentum. Revival Matters In order to keep these products trending in the market, there are designers who are using traditional

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All About Denims

India is the second largest denim consumer in the world. Over 550 million pieces of denim apparel and over 750 million meters of denim fabric were sold in domestic market in 2016. India is already consuming more denim than US and EU market and it is projected that the country will consume more than 800 million pieces of denim apparel in 2021. A recent report said that three companies  Lenzing, Santoni and Unitin introduced Den/IM 2.0, an innovation in athleisure

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Globe Textiles – Brand Profile

Globe Textiles India Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 is a leading Indian manufacturer and a star export house of textiles, fabrics and garments based in Ahmedabad. The company started operations in 2008 and has a sprawling futuristic manufacturing facility dedicated to garmenting for international customers in an Apparel Park. Cumulatively, the company has its production capacity spread over 3.5 lakh sq. feet housing various divisions. Together, it manufactures two million bed sets, 36 million meters of fabric and 2.5 million

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Fabrics Go Smart

For the first time, UNSW biomedical engineers have woven a ‘smart’ fabric that mimics the sophisticated and complex properties of one of nature’s ingenious materials, the bone tissue periosteum. Having achieved proof of concept, the researchers are now ready to produce fabric prototypes for a range of advanced functional materials that could transform the medical, safety and transport sectors. Patents for the innovation are pending in Australia, the United States and Europe. Prof. Melissa Knothe Tate, Professor and Inaugural Paul

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Tech Push for Fabrics

Textile companies are upping the ante as far as using technology is concerned. One such innovative organization is Textronics Design Systems, established in 1990 provides intelligent CAD and WEB solutions, to help Textile and Fashion companies increase their global competitiveness, by facilitating Innovative Design & 3D visualization tools optimizing Sales, Design Communication and enabling E-commerce. “Over the years we have grown to a strength of 70 professionals engaged in development, product design, marketing support etc. Our products are well received

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Apparel Exports – New Vistas

Apparel exports are set to reach $20 billion in 2017-18, 13 per cent higher than a year ago, on policy support from the government ns a sharp increase in orders from the US, the EU and the West Asia. The government also announced Rs 6,000-crore textile package last year. Duty exemptions like the refund of state levies also helped Indian apparel manufacturers compete with global players. Making the Difference Indian textile and apparel companies are doing things differently that are

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Impact of Cotton Imports

Cotton plays an important role in the Indian economy as the India’s textile industry is predominantly cotton based and India is one of the largest producers as well as exporters of cotton yarn. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab are the major cotton producers in India. According to reports, India has been one of if not the biggest producer and exporter of cotton in the world. India has imported cotton occasionally in the past

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Modest Wear Clothing Market

Modest wear essentially means loose clothing, comfortable dressing and simultaneously looking elegant. Modest wear has emerged as a buzz since consumers have sought clothing that not only covers the body but is also stylish. Sometimes, it is believed that it is hard to dress conservatively being a fashion lover but brands are coming up with beautiful and modest clothing that is being hailed as positive and encouraging move to encourage everyone to be trendy and fashionable. Modest Boom Modesty is

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Sports Wear Clothing

Being A Good Sport The explosion of sports in the country can be attributed to increased accessibility for both children and adults. A number of sports academies have come up across the country and people today train both professionally and personally and sports is recognized as a good form of exercise. As a corollary to this, is the aspect of clothes related to sports as this plays an important part of the entire regimen itself. From 2015 to 2016 the

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