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Weaverstory is a luxury authentic Indian handloom store that uses khadi, linen, cotton, georgette, silks and blended yarns to create exquisite pieces of clothing.

Co-founded by Nishant Malhotra on National Handloom day on 8th August 2015, Weaverstory was started to promote and preserve the dying art of Indian handlooms. The brand works on Tanchoi, Kadhwa, Cutwork, Kimkhab and Dumpaj among other patterns. Each piece of clothing here tells the story of the weaver or the artist. The idea is that the customer must understand and appreciate the intricacy and thought process behind the garment.

In the autumn of 2015, a master weaver was on the verge of quitting his ancestral profession. In their home in Varanasi he and his brothers had always seen their father work on the loom weaving the famed Banarasi silk saris. It was a skill he loved. But he was not earning enough. While we saw many women craving authentic handlooms on social media, we thought that it was a possible mismatch of demand and supply and we took on ourselves to help these weavers reach out to the end buyers. It was an attempt to bring handcrafted products to the urban population. Weaver Story was established on National Handloom Day in 2015. The label aimed to promote and preserve the art of Indian handlooms. We have focused primarily on Banarasi weaves and reviving designs from museums and traditional forms with weavers themselves.

Read the full story that first appeared in the Nov 2020 issue of Apparel here:

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