Naviluna Chocolates

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Naviluna chocolate factory in Mysore’s Hebbal Industrial Area is a homegrown chocolate brand helmed by South African David Belo.

Naviluna Artisanal Chocolates uses organically certified cacao beans grown across farms in South India. Naviluna’s dark chocolates come in two versions, one is dark at 72% and one which is almost dark at 61.8%, to get people started on the Naviluna experience. Both, however, use the same ingredients and method – the recipe is different.

Naviluna chocolate factory
Naviluna chocolate factory

The variants include Três Bāḷe, that is infused with flavours of three kinds of bananas, Elakki, Nanjangud Rasa and Kāḍu (Forest banana) flambéd, candied and dusted, the Kerala Single Origin Chocolate Bar that brings the taste of the soil, weather and genetics of 100 different farms across Eastern Kerala and the Tokai Coffee & Pineapple Chocolate Bar.

There is also the Longum Pepper Lime & Orange Chocolate Bar that has the unmistakable bite of Gondhoraj limes and candied orange and Bambooshyam that has bamboo shoots in cigar infused caramel and date syrup and lemon grass.  The non-dairy off-white chocolate is great too.

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