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C for Coffee

Things are stirring in your coffee cup as the world of coffee straddles everything from organic to artisanal and new fermentation and roasting to specialty versions. Hospitality and coffee has an inextricable connection and hoteliers are making use of this to give consumers nuanced coffee experiences through coffee based restaurants as well as standalone spaces… Read More C for Coffee

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Sourdough Recipes

Sourdough is changing the way unhealthy breads are perceived as they add a touch of natural fermentation to make bread all things desirable. Sourdough bread is a kind of bread that’s more process oriented than ingredient oriented. It simply uses wheat, salt and water as base ingredients and let’s all the wild yeasts and bacteria… Read More Sourdough Recipes

Deccan Chronicle

Eid Recipes

The joy of sharing a special feast with your family or friends on Eid is a scene to behold. Eid always holds a strong relationship with food. Food has an inextricable connection with festivities. After all, they can easily make or break an occasion. And when it comes to Eid, food is an integral part… Read More Eid Recipes