Fashion Conversation with Sangita Kathiwada

A visionary and a force to be reckoned with, Sangita Sinh Kathiwada’s Mélange has recently celebrated its silver jubilee. The 25-year journey of the high-end fashion outpost is located in the heart of Mumbai. A qualified graphic designer who further studied jewellery designing, interior decoration, photography and silkscreen printing, Sangita Kathiwada’s achievements make for a… Read More Fashion Conversation with Sangita Kathiwada

The Tribune

Diamond Jewellery Trends

Artemis By Bibhu Mohapatra for Forevermark There has been a very exciting shift in how people are choosing jewellery now. The trend has moved towards custom, unique pieces of fine jewellery that are both collectible and personal. “Diamonds in particular have become extremely fun, playful and versatile. People are wearing the most stunning pieces any… Read More Diamond Jewellery Trends


Second Hand Luxury Clothing

What do Envoged, Zapyle, Luxepolis, Confidential Couture, Elanic, Spoyl, Refashion, Rebagg, Poshmark and Tradesy have in common? Well if that question foxed you, the answer is simple. These are all platforms that deal with used luxury products. Picture this. You love branded products but not the price it comes at. So if there was a… Read More Second Hand Luxury Clothing