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Racha Haffar Interview

Racha Haffar tells her about how she overcame odds to become the woman she is and why financial education is important. Born and raised in Syria, her family moved to Montreal in 1988 and her father recognized her skills and gave her responsibilities that groomed her. After doing her Bachelor of Science in Economics, she… Read More Racha Haffar Interview


Learn with Seekho is a SaaS platform that is making learning fun with a practical twist. Founded in 2021, by Arihant Jain, Ajeet Kushwaha and Divya Jain with a vision to make sure the youth own their future and maximise their earning potential, is working towards providing industry relevant education and job opportunities in an engaging,… Read More Learn with Seekho


Personal Finance during COVID-19

The pandemic has taken its toll on personal finance, but panicking will not help. Here are some ideas to help you Mutual Funds Choosing an ideal mutual fund is to go for tax saving funds that can also give you tax benefits. Balanced funds and Multicap funds are also a good bet – choose that… Read More Personal Finance during COVID-19