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Connected Spaces and Internet of Things

Connected Spaces and Internet of Things (IoT) are making not just enterprise and commercial spaces but also residences tech savvy. The rising demand and popularity of the concept of smart architecture has led to technological advancements in Connected Spaces and the Internet of Things. Every user wants to have maximum control with minimum to no… Read More Connected Spaces and Internet of Things

Architect & Interiors India

Home Automation 2021

Homes are getting a smart makeover courtesy automation devices and interconnecting devices. Home Automation is currently witnessing amazing growth with constant innovation in all areas. From cleaning robots, hubs, security systems, door locks, video door locks and motion sensors, the way a home of the future will look has changed forever. Home automation can work… Read More Home Automation 2021


Eco Friendly Home Automation Solutions

ACDS Villa OliveHome Automation solutions are not just making homes efficient but are also helping the environment by making them sustainable. Imagine being able to control the lights, heating solutions, water and everything else in your home even when you are not inside it? Well, home automation solutions today allow you to do all this… Read More Eco Friendly Home Automation Solutions