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Art Goes Green

Artists are making a case for sustainability and bringing the cause of the environment to the forefront by adopting green ways. Artists often find inspiration in nature and perhaps it is this ethos that is now spiraling a slow but sure movement where art itself is becoming natural and eco-conscious. Leading Korean pop artist, Choi… Read More Art Goes Green

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BodyCafé – Vegan Skincare

While sustainability continues to be at the forefront of most things, skincare is not being left behind and BodyCafé is making this happen with its range of cruelty free and vegan skin care products. BodyCafé is a women-led business run by two women entrepreneurs Pooja Karegoudar and Tanushree Ishani Das who have worked on a… Read More BodyCafé – Vegan Skincare

The New Indian Express

Sustainability of Sustainable Food

The word sustainability in food has taken large the world by storm but the question that is pertinent to ponder upon is what makes sustainable. Late last year, I happened to visit a farmer in the outskirts of Mysore who was working hard to convert his farm land to an organic one. It was during… Read More Sustainability of Sustainable Food