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Lucerne Travelogue

A city that straddles the old and the new, Lucerne has something for everyone and is a great destination on a Swiss sojourn. One of the most striking images you will see as soon as you exit the train station at Lucerne is an imposing arch with a statue called Zeitgeist or ‘Spirit of Our… Read More Lucerne Travelogue


Switzerland for Vegetarians

Switzerland is taking rapid strides in being vegetarian through its Swisstainable venture that aptly kicked off on World Vegetarian Day on October 1. An invite from Swiss Tourism to showcase the vegetarian cuisine of the country sounded great as I am vegetarian. However, the variety of food I sampled was something that I was blown… Read More Switzerland for Vegetarians


Lugano Travel Guide

A quaint and charming town seeped in history, culture and nature, Lugano in Switzerland is as perfect as a holiday can get. After a long flight to Zurich, I took a train to Lugano and bus to reach my hotel – however I was not tired even a little bit. Perhaps it was the enticing… Read More Lugano Travel Guide

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Poschiavo Diaries

A quaint village in the south if Switzerland, Poschiavo is a mélange of culture and old world charm that makes for a unique Swiss holiday. Alighting from the Bernina Express on a rather cold evening, the nip in the air was palpable. The first thing that struck me was the stunning view of the snowcapped… Read More Poschiavo Diaries


Swiss Carnivals

Switzerland is known for its myriad festivals and if you happen to be in the country at this time you can be part of the fun. Chalandamarz (Feb 28th – Mar 1st) Celebrated in several villages across Switzerland, this is a festival that chases the winter away. The festivities are by children shaking cowbells, chanting,… Read More Swiss Carnivals