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Water While Eating – Yes or No?

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A question that has always raised its head is if water can be had when eating or not. Probably everyone has an opinion on this but what is important is to hear from the right sources.

A debate that has raged on for long is whether you should have water with your meals or not and this is a question that dieticians can best answer.

Having a feeling of fullness or being heavy after eating could also explain it. The result may be gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is quite harmful and can cause acidity. However, drinking water after or during a meal helps to break down the food and process it. In addition to preventing constipation, the absorption of nutrients will be improved.

However drinking water while eating may develop acidity problems or have an existing chronic acidity problem worsen. If you experience acidity on a regular basis, it could be due to drinking water during meals. To digest the food, less gastric juice is secreted.

There are a lot of myths around water like having a plenty of water in the morning, expedite weight loss, does cold water slow down weight loss, does hot water expedite it, how much water should you drink in a day etc. People are just trying to find some clarity.

Water is an essential and vital element for the transport of nutrients throughout the body, and the removal of toxins as well. But water when consumed with food will dilute the digestive juices and cause improper digestion of food.

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