Butter Boards

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One of the new trends at community gatherings and a very uncomplicated way of flavouring butter, boards is to smear softened butter and top with ingredients you like.

They do not require a set of recipes to be made, and looks stunning after topping up with required ingredients. The butters can be flavoured with different aspired taste ranging from bitter, Sour, Sweet. Like Honey can be used to sweeten, Fresh Citrus can be used to make sour, and Arugula, Moringa leaves can be used to make it better and healthy.

Butter Board courtesy Roseate Hotels & Resorts
Butter Board courtesy Roseate Hotels & Resorts

Butter boards are similar to the charcuterie boards where different varieties of butter along with varieties of accompaniments are offered on top of a wooden board with a plethora of accompaniments varying from nuts, dried fruits, preserves, herbs.

The best part of the butter boards is that it is all your creativity and imagination. And what you eat is base d on your mood, so your butter boards can be created as per your mood.

Read the full story that first appeared in CEIA Magazine’s Nov 2022 issue here:

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