Lockdown Bonding

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With the entire country almost staying indoors, families are finding new ways to spend time with each other.

The last week of March 2020 presented an unusual time for the country with a lockdown announced courtesy the COVID-19 crisis. Suddenly all members in the family had to be under one roof at home and there was a lot of time on hand. So how have families been spending time together? Well by doing many things that have helped them bond together.

Food Adventures

With families being at home largely without help, kitchen experiments have come to the forefront. The entire family is cooking together, and each member works as a team taking up different tasks to make meals special. Cooking has meant choice courtesy the experiments being made and families are treating themselves at home.

Screen Time

A favourite activity of most families in lockdown is watching movies and shows. While the television channels are airing popular mythological serials as a blast from the past, OTT or streaming channels have come up with new seasons of shows and even premiered movies, many of which cannot have a theatrical release during the lockdown.

Video Memories

With the world going online, most families are coming together to create videos with family and the TIKTOK app has come as a godsend at this time. Families are uploading thousands of TIKTOK videos, which is keeping not just them entertained but also other users on the app. Being a short form video content app, it is convenient and easy to use and has the entire family hooked. There are a lot of couples too who are creating videos like Riteish Deshmukh-Jennifer, Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra. Also, one can find a lot of content that is useful to all age groups in a family.

Tik Tok has become popular in the lockdown
Tik Tok has become popular in the lockdown

Staying Fit

Families are also using this time to ensure that they make up for lost gym routines by exercising at home. With a plethora of online classes most of which are being offered free, families are signing up on Health Apps to ensure they are both physically and mentally fit.

Virtual Tours

With a complete travel ban, families are satisfying the wanderlust by taking virtual tours. Museums and galleries are conducting virtual tours of their spaces which has found several takers. Likewise, tourism boards have come up with a lot of videos to highlight their cities which is a great way to indulge in armchair travel.


The lockdown has given families the gift of time and this has meant families are using it to declutter and clean up their homes. From cupboards to book shelves, families are going lean and clearing the clutter at home. Most homes are also getting cleaned and all members of the family work together for the same.

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