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Sauces as a cooking aid

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Sauces are a great way to pep a meal as they not just make it convenient but also save time when you cook.

Making sauces is convenient because it is not time consuming, and storage is very easy. Storage for fresh sauces are easy, most of them are to be kept in the fridge or in cool places, and should last you almost a week. It’s best to use fresh ingredients, it’s good for gut health.

Courtesy Shaheen Nag
Courtesy Shaheen Nag

Vijaya Raghavan, Chef De Cuisine, Courtyard by Marriott Madurai says, “my favourite sauce or dressing is the Thai sauce, which is made using roasted chili paste, coconut milk, onion, peanut and can be used in salads and non-vegetarian preparation. This stays well in the fridge for a week. Lemon butter sauce is another good idea, I make it using shallots, garlic, ginger that is sautéed with butter and we add cheese sauce and lemon. This is excellent with any sea food preparation and can be used within two days. If you love desserts, I suggest you make a caramel sauce that goes well with several desserts and can stay refrigerated for a week. You can make it with a kilogram of sugar and 500 grams each of cream and butter. Once the sugar is melted on a stove, add soft butter, and cream and mix well. It can be used to top brownies, pancakes and even dip it in skewered fruits.” 

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